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Welcome to Dulverton Benefice

Welcome to the website of the Dulverton Benefice. We are five Church of England parishes in the beautiful rural area of West Somerset on the edge of Exmoor. We are dedicated to promoting Christian faith and values through worship, prayer, and service. You may be someone who is living here in the community, or someone looking for a church venue for a celebration or a visitor. We hope that you will find this website helpful in providing you with information about our parishes. Our doors are open to everyone, and we very much look forward to meeting and welcoming you.

Dulverton, Exmoor, West Somerset, Dulverton Benefice, Dulverton, Brushford, Brompton Regis, Withiel Florey, Skilgate.Upton
Dulverton Parish, Brushford Parish, Brompton Regis with Withiel Florey Parish, Skilgate Parish and Upton Parish


The Benefice consists of the small town of Dulverton and four other parishes. The overall nature of the community is very rural with agriculture and related industries still playing an important role. The overall population is about 5,000 people. We are fortunate to be living in such a beautiful area. 


The five parishes of Brompton Regis with Withiel Florey, Brushford, Dulverton, Skilgate and Upton all have their own identity and character.  The churches play an important role, not just as centres of worship, but as important centres of community activity and service. We are conscious of the historical legacy, but we endeavour to make the Christian gospel relevant to our present day communities. 

Sunday Church Services at Dulverton Benefice, Dulverton Church, Brushford Church, Brompton Regis Church, Withiel Florey Church, Skilgate Church.U


We have a regular pattern of church services that take place through out the parishes. Our principal day for worship is on Sunday. The style and format of our services essentially follow the Anglican pattern with communion being an important part of our corporate lives. In addition we hold Family Services, Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer.

Parishes offer baptism, Christening, Confirmation, wedding, marriage, blessing, funeral and memorial services.
The Benefice offers a range of public events including concerts, recitals, music events, art talks, lectures, courses and discussion groups
The website provides information on christian faith, bible, prayer, study, and theology


Our churches exist to support our communities and individuals throughout the whole of their lives. However, there are some key events in life that are particularly significant and the churches celebrate these events with particular care and reverence. These include Christenings, Weddings and Funerals.  


Throughout the year we hold a number of Public Events which are separate from our basic pattern of church services.  These events allow a wider connection between the community and the church. They include school events, talks, concerts, music recitals, exhibitions, charity events and fund raising. Some of these events are organised by the churches; others  by different groups.


Christian faith lies at the core of the various parish activities.  This is what motivates and assists us.  Christian faith is not primarily a set of beliefs or going to church: it is essentially a way of life based on the the love and grace of God that we strive to realise.  This endeavour does not come easily.  There are a number of  practices and resources available that help us live out the Christian life. Some suggestions are  provided.

The benfice encourages people to help out by volunteering their time and energy to support the local food bank, local school, local reirement home, bell ringing, and choirs
The site provides information on services and events in the five parishes
The site provides a means for people to donate money to one of the parishes


We are conscious that although we live in a beautiful area, there are many people in our communities who are finding life difficult and challenging. It is part of the church's work to help and support people where we can.  Much of this will be carried out  in a private and personal way. However, there are a number of local organisations that really value the involvement  of volunteers.


It is important to us to have good communication with church members and community members.  We want to improve our performance in this area. One initiative  is this revised website.  Another initiatiive is the blog. These posts may include our weekly Pew News bulletin which gives information on the coming Sunday's services and events in the coming week. We also publish documents that we think may be of interest.


Sustaining the work of the parishes, maintaining our buildings,  meeting our Diocesan quotas and giving to charities comes with a significant financial challenge. We need to raise more than £100,000 per year.  We do not receive any grants from Central Government or Local Government. We would be very grateful if you would consider giving a donation to one of the five parishes, and to allow us to claim Gift Aid.

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