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Help Out

We are conscious that although we live in a beautiful area, there are many people in our communities who are finding life difficult and challenging. It is part of the church's work to help and support people where we can.  Much of this will be carried out  in a private and personal way. However, there are a number of local organisations that really value the involvement  of volunteers. 


If you are living in one of the five parishes, there are plenty of ways in which you can  help to make a difference in the local community.  On this page we list a number of ways in which you could help.

Bell Ringing

Bell Ringing at Dulverton Benefice, Dulverton Church, Brushford Church, Brompton Regis Church, Withiel Florey Church, Skilgate Church.Upton Church

Regular bell ringing takes place at the Dulverton and Brushford churches.  If you would be interested in trying this out, please contact one of the Tower captains. The captain for Brushford is Roger Routledge (Tel: 01398 322995) . The captain for Dulverton is Anne Markwick (Tel: 01398 323823). 

Dulverton Food Bank

Dulverton Food Bank

All Saints Church in Dulverton is significantly involved in running the Local food bank. Volunteers are always needed to help with the collection, managemnt and distribution of food packages to local people. Please contact the Parish Office on 01398 323028 or via the


Singing and Music

Garry and Sabine 1.jpg

Music forms an important part in our worship and in our creative and leisure activities. In addition to the All Saints Dulverton choir, we support the activities of the Barle Singers. Also a recorder group meets regularly in the Church. Please contact our Director of Music, Gary Cooper, for more information.

All Saints Primary School

All Saints Primary School at Dulverton

We are fortunate in having strong links with the local primary school in Dulverton - All Saints CofE Infant School - that functions under the  leadership of Naomi Philp and Carys Barnet.  Our Rector is one of the School Governors. There are opportunities for volunteers to help with reading practice and after-school activities. Please contact the school if you are interested in helping out. Telephone 01398 323 231 or email by clicking HERE. For more iinformation on the school click to go to their WEBSITE

Wimbleball Lake

Wimbleball Lake

Situated within the benefice is the beautiful Wimbleball Lake that is one of the lakes owned and managed by South West Lakes. The lake is the venue for a host of activities. There are opportunities for volunteers in helping with conservation activities, engaging with visitors, supporting professional instructors in activities, and help with the fishing team. If this sounds of interest, please contact South West Lakes.  Telephone their office on 01566 771930 or email them by clicking HERE.  More information on their work at Wimbleball can be be found by clicking HERE to get to their website.

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House at Dulverton

Abbeyfield House is situated in Dulverton and provides Sheltered Housing to approximately a dozen elderly people. Abbeyfield House provides a supportive living space where residents can enjoy their independence while having helpful staff available. All Saints Dulverton clergy conduct occasional services in Abbeyfield. There are opportunities to help in befriending residents, assisting with activities, admin support and other roles. For more information on volunteering visit their website by clicking HERE

TA22 Voluntary Lifts

TA22 Voluntary Lifts at Dulverton

There is a local voluntary lift scheme called TA22 Voluntary Lifts. This scheme is run by volunteer drivers and offers transport to hospital  at a low rate for people who may not be eligible for free transport. Please call 07528 326880 for more details. 

Helping out at Church

Helping at Church

It takes a good deal of effort to keep all six churches in the Benefice functioning smoothly. Most of the practical work is carried out by volunteers.  Volunteers are needed to arrange the flowers, ring the bells, clean the buildings, read the lessons, serve refreshments, welcome people, and tend the graveyards.  If you could spare an hour or two in a month, your help would be much appreciated. Please contact the Church Warden for the church you would like to support.  See OUR PARISHES page for contact details.

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